Mage Nuggets Addon

For a complete support package of Mage skills try out the Mage Nuggets addon. It has every feature turned on by default, so you may want to disable a bunch like monitors of various debuffs to get rid of an assorted list of screen clutter. Especially to be disabled is the Mirror Image monitor, else it plays the A-team theme song every time you cast Mirror Images. Fun at the beginning but quite annoying after a while.

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Get Out Of The Fire Addon

One addon which keeps amusing me is the GTFO addon.

It gives a gentle beep whenever the floor under your char bursts into damage doing flames. It is almost like damage radar. Beep means move!

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The Recount Addon

Ever wondered if your dps was up there with the elite? Ever wondered if your raid healing was sufficient? Introducing Recount. A small window with all sorts of useful information. It can track dps, healing done, the number of times each party/raid member died and much more. One word of caution, Recount is known to have small differences in results between party members, so what you see on your Recount window may differ from what other people see on their window. The exact reason for this is unknown to me.

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Must-have Addons For Mages

For mages there are two addons which I think are irreplaceable. Decursive and Spellstealer.

Decursive was a requirement in the fight against Archimonde in the old Hyjal Summit raid. He would place dots on raid members which had to be removed asap. Without Decursive you would have to select each raid member to inspect them for the dot. Decursive shows a nice little box for each party/raid member lighting up blue when he/she has been cursed and allows you to simply remove the curse by right-clicking on the box, without the need to target the player. Another feature is that party/raid members that get mind-controlled show up on the Decursive box as orange and by left-clicking the Decursive box you can sheep them! Now you can show off your super sheeping skills :-).

Spellstealer pops up a small window with all stealable spells, and does not show when there is nothing to spell steal. Spellstealer helps out in raids against bosses with a special ability that must be removed. For example in The Trial of the Crusader the boss Lord Jaraxxus would occasionally buff himself with a huge damage buff. This buff had to be removed, which one can with a.o. spell steal. Spellstealer also adds a little more fun because it shows all stealable helpful spells on mobs like e.g. in Grim Batol where some mobs have an arcane haste buff which immensely speeds up your casting! Earlier without Spellsteal I did not even know this speed buff was there. Spell stealing was crucial in the fight in Gruul’s Lair against the 4 ogre kings. There the ogre Krosh Firehand would have to be mage tanked. The mage would steal a shielding spell from the boss and then just dps the boss to keep his attention. Mage tanks ftw!

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Installing WoW Plugins Manually

For the people who do not want to install the Curse client, you can choose to install the WoW plugin of your choice manually. For this, download the plugin via the Manually button, and unzip it to one of the following directories:

Windows XP:

C:\Program Files\World of Warcraft\Interface\Addons

or in Windows 7:

C:\Users\Public\Games\World of Warcraft\Interface\Addons


C:\Program Files (x86)\World of Warcraft\Interface\Addons

Enjoy your plugin :-).

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Helpful Web Sites

The World of Warcraft is a game played alone or with other people. Giving each other a hand often results in succeeding at a difficult challenge while enjoying each other’s company.

On the internet people also try to help each other out by creating all kinds of web sites. My personal favorite is, an encyclopedia of WoW. You name it, wowhead knows it. It is almost as-if Blizzard themselves operate the site.

When playing for some time you may find the interface lacking in features. For this Blizzard included a solution in the game: add-ons. You can download and install small pieces of program to enhance your GUI from sites like

My third favorite tool is the web site urban dictionary to lookup all the abbreviations people use when communicating in game. Expressions like wtf noob l2p made me very curious :-).

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Psychiatric Help for Addicts

It’s no secret that Blizzard’s World of Warcraft is one of the most addictive games of all time.

Thousands of people have let their addiction detract them from their work and social lives. While many psychiatrists and psychologists are using traditional methods, Dr. Richard Graham plans to help WoW addicts through in-game treatment. According to the Telegraph:

“He has called on Blizzard Entertainment, the company that makes World of Warcraft, to waive or discount the costs associated with joining the game so that therapists can more easily communicate with at-risk players in their preferred environment.

‘We will be launching this project by the end of the year. I think it’s already clear that psychiatrists will have to stay within the parameters of the game. They certainly wouldn’t be wandering around the game in white coats and would have to use the same characters available to other players,’ said Dr Graham.”

I am curious as to what the effect will be communicating to addicts through the familiar medium WoW is. Maybe in a year or two we all will logon to WoW for a session of mind-mending.

Source via Game Politics

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Leveling Guide for Cataclysm

So you wonder which zone to visit next after reaching a level around the tens? The old and famous Jamie’s Leveling Guide has been replaced with a version suitable for Cataclysm. You can find it here. Enjoy.

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Hello World of Warcraft peeps!

Welcome to my World of Warcraft blog.

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